We are a portuguese brand of the ornamental stone sector, which dedicates its activity to the exploitation of granite and marble quarries and the transformation of the raw material into finished product.


GranumLux is based on fundamental values of rigor, quality and reliability, aiming to meet the needs of the market, providing a specialized service, in order to obtain the respect and satisfaction of its customers.

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Where we are

The company is headquartered in Mangualde, in the district of Viseu, in central Portugal. It is in this area that facilities for processing the raw material into finished product, as well as the granite quarries.

In addition, in Angola, there are quarries of black granite and white marble, materials that excel for the excellent quality.

We distinguish ourselves by our yellow granite from Portugal, a unique and rare stone allied to the quality of all our products.

Our story
1960 Creation of Manuel Ferreira da Cunha Duarte, Lda. Founded by Manuel Duarte.
2004 Creation of RokAfric Angola Quarry Marble White Angola
2008 Creation of Marlin Angola Quarry of Gray and Black Angola, and production of cubes and sawed materials.
2016 Creation of GranumLux (AP3J - Engenharia Lda) Company with the latest technology, loyal to tradition.

GranumLux's commitment to the environment is based on the fundamental pillars of sustainability and business ethics, covering the entire product life cycle.

The activities developed in the various geographic areas have a strong sense of social and environmental responsibility, through a balanced management model among the many factors essential to the success of GranumLux, such as:
› Appreciation of human capital;
› Preservation and environmental protection;
› Sustained economic growth.
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