Granite Ref #3

Dark Yellow Corvaceira

Compreession breaking load 103 kg/cm2
Bending strenght 10 kg/cm2
Water Absorption AT N.P. Conditions 1.3%

Granite of clear and homogeny yellow-brownish colour, of two micas, with granulated medium and light porfiróide trend.

Resistance to the aging through thermal shock

After having been submited to the 20 cycles praised by the norm, the test tubes had not presented significant differences in the colour nor in its general aspect. The lost of mass was, in average 0,1%.


Petrography study

Granite of two micas, with granulate average, yellowish coloration and fast profiróide trend. The texture is hipautomórfica to granular xenomorphic, in which the constituent crystals of the rock discloses subédricas morphologies to anedricas.


Resistance to ice

At the end of the 240 cycles of ice-thawing the test tubes had not disclosed sensible alterations in the colour nor in the structure. The decrease in the volume was not significant. The fast increment in the value oh the resistance to the flexion corroborates the not iced behaviour of the rock.


Note: Images may not represent 100% physical stone.

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